Since early in 2012, AllAcres.com has been researching, and listening to professionals in what is often times considered the ‘niche’ world of land sales. Although sometimes underrepresented, land transactions represent a relatively large portion of overall real estate transactions. The idea came from the growing need for land sales professionals to have their own platform in the recovering real estate market, post-2008. It became increasingly apparent near the end of 2012, and AllAcres.com answered the call. Alongside the need for land sales professionals to have their own place in the sun, the staff also recognized the growing influence of social media in online marketing. Subsequently, in early 2013, the site was completely overhauled to function as a social media hub, as well as a land listing site. While the advent of social media hybrid sites is not new, other sites are publically traded, which makes AllAcres.com the only privately owned social media/land sales hybrid site available online.

Not only a search engine, where consumers can perform Google-like searches for land listings across the United States, AllAcres.com also offers advertising opportunities to Land Specialists in the forms of: purchasable ‘Specialist’ Areas, Exclusive State-Wide Leader Board Listings, Limited Homepage Listing opportunities, and Listing ‘Boosts’, similar to what one might find on other sites like Zillow, and Land Watch. AllAcres.com also features a fully functional “Industry Related Professionals” Directory, to help land-related pro’s connect with consumers who might be in need of their services, or for agents who might want to refer a valuable contact. The social media aspect includes the ability to: ‘connect’  with someone, update status, share knowledge in the forums, post listings and photographs on your profile, and much more! The best part is, AllAcres.com is open to everyone!  You are not required to be an agent or broker to have a profile, which in turn facilitates land specialists, industry related professionals, and consumers keeping in contact with one another, effortlessly, and in a way that is familiar to anyone who already uses social networking sites. We welcome you, and encourage you to create your free profile, by visiting the brand new AllAcres.com today!