Follow Up: Chinese spending major money on U.S. Property

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Whoops! You accidentally sold my land!

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Recycling land for sale? The way of the future!

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What is a ‘Comp’?

Posted by admin on October 24, 2013

The word ‘comp’ is short for comparables, which are properties that are used to help determine the value and asking price of a nearby similar property. Local governments may also use comps for the purpose of setting up property taxes. In order for a comp to be beneficial, it must:

- Be in the same general area as the property being evaluated

- Have similar features and layouts: if determining the value of a 3-bedroom home, the comp must also have 3 bedrooms, and so on

- Have approximately the same square footage

- Be close in age and condition

- Have been sold within the last 3-6 months: the market changes quickly and drastically, so the more current the sale, the more accurate the comp

- Be the product of a “normal sale,” which is a sale on the open market between a willing buyer and a willing seller that is not a bank, estate, or tax sale

There are, of course, any number of variables that affect the determination of a property’s real value. The general rule, though, is if there are three or four comps that meet the above criteria you will get a fairly clear picture of what the property or land for sale is worth in the relevant market.

There is also the chance that you will not be able to find any good comps in your area. This happens when properties are in markets with few or no recent sales, when recent sales are predominantly foreclosures, or when the property being evaluated is unique to the point of being exceptional. In these instances, it may be worth hiring a professional appraiser.

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How Accurate is an Appraisal?

Posted by admin on October 4, 2013

The short answer: Not very. One particular issue that comes up often is whether to buy land for sale that’s been appraised for less than the listed purchase price. While there are no easy answers, this examination of representative appraisals and real market value should help clear up the confusion surrounding the real value of homes or acres of land for sale.

What are Appraisals?

They are thorough assessments of everything related to a piece of land for sale designed to help determine its true value. Factors such as size, age, and surrounding properties all affect an appraiser’s final determination. Appraisals are crucial because they affect the loan amount when financing a property. If the appraised value is equal to or higher than the asking price, you’re fine; but if the appraised value is lower, things get tricky. Here, the bank will expect you to personally pay the difference between the purchase price and the appraised value to bridge the loan gap at closing. This is known as a low appraisal.

Issues With Current Market Appraisals

If you’ve purchased property that’s been appraised for less than the asking price, you might still be okay. There are a lot of discrepancies with several markets’ appraisal systems, leading to inaccurate estimations of a property’s true worth.

The Arizona market is a good example of this: recent economical ups and downs have caused a high amount of bank-owned sales, foreclosures, and short sales. Due to the high number of bank-owned sales, turnkey providers popped up everywhere: they go in, buy up large numbers of these houses, fix them up and sell them off the market to investors and hedge funds. While this has obvious benefits, it does throw things off: these spruced-up, move-in-ready properties sell for much higher than bank-owned properties, but their sale prices never get recorded. Since appraisers use recent similar sales to help with their analyses, this absence of sale information throws off the final valuation, rendering the appraisal ineffectual.

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