3 Tips for Choosing Rural Land Investments

Posted by admin on February 14, 2013

Rural land investments are a great opportunity for investors to make a worthwhile profit. The secret to becoming a successful rural land investor is having the knowledge to purchase affordable acreage that has the right characteristics and the right location. While investment options vary, most rural land owners either rent their land to those who need such acreage for sale or rent, such as hunters or farmers, or they subdivide the land and sell individual land lots. What you choose to do with your acreage investment is up to you.

No matter what path you choose, the following list of tips will help you to select the best affordable land to increase your return on investment.

  • Water. Many of those seeking rural acreage for sale or rent would prefer to have access to water. Land with a spring, stream, lake, creek or other water supply has a higher value as it is essential for those seeking acreage for agricultural or hunting activities. Farmers need to be able to grow crops and keep livestock healthy while hunters need to be able to attract animals to the property. If there is no water source, many buyers will have no use for your lots of acreage for sale or rent, and will move on to other properties.
  • Zoning. When seeking to make a rural land investment, look for acres of land for sale that are not overly restricted by zoning laws. Also be sure to review the title to ensure that there are no building restrictions on the property. When there are a decent amount of restrictions, your market of buyers shrinks significantly. For example, if the acreage you purchase is residentially zoned, livestock may not be allowed on the land, which cuts out buyers interested in land for agricultural purposes.
  • Size. If you are selling your rural lots to families, take into account how they will want to use the land and how much space will be necessary. More often than not, those living on rural land want acreage to garden and raise small numbers of livestock. Additionally, those choosing to live in rural areas as opposed to the city prefer not to be too close to their neighbors. With these factors in mind, a good sized lot to sell or rent is approximately 2 acres.

Keeping the above tips in mind will help you to purchase acres of land for sale that will yield the highest profits. Also, if you are able to, purchase the acreage for sale in cash to get the best deal. Visit AllAcres.com to conveniently locate hundreds of rural acreage for sale in your desired area.  For more information on rural land investments and affordable land for sale in your area, please call AllAcres at 855-227-3741 or contact us online. We look forward to helping you locate acres of land for sale that offer you the best investment opportunities.