5 Things You Need for Off-Grid Living

Posted by admin on August 22, 2013

Living off the grid: to some it sounds like a dream, and to others- a total nightmare. It takes a certain resourcefulness and adaptability to do away with convenient municipal services and live according to your own codes, in harmony with nature. So before you start researching cheap land for sale to build your new off-grid home, here are five things you need to really make it work:

      The Right Disposition

If you are sturdy, spirited, committed to sustainability, and don’t mind hard work and sacrifice, you’ll likely do fine living off-grid. Plus, there are different levels of this lifestyle- some with very rustic heat and food storage and others with handy power-generated stations- so you can make it work for you.

      A Suitable Site

Remote regions that don’t require building codes work best: look for affordable land for sale in lightly populated counties with landscapes you admire. Check with the county for things like restrictive codes/covenants and legal access via roads and paths before you go ahead and buy land online.

      Power System

It can be expensive, but modern technology has made alternative electricity sources readily available: consider hydropower, wind turbines and solar systems, depending on the area. Large batteries, backup generators, and propane can power appliances, while good old-fashioned wood provides heat.

      Water System

A potable water supply is key to living off-grid- keep that in mind when negotiating any land for sale by owner. Consider either a water well with pump and collection tank, and/or a rain barrel for collecting water. Test water regularly to ensure its safety; additional purification and filtration systems can always be implemented.

Waste System

Even areas without building codes likely have sewage regulations. Septic tanks with buried leach field, open-air lagoon pits, and composting toilets are all acceptable for most regions. Remember: personal septic systems require continuous maintenance and inspections to ensure proper functioning.

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