Access to Public Land Records

Posted by admin on July 12, 2012

Many land records that are kept or prepared by the Assessor are considered public documents and are available to the public. By visiting the office of the Assessor, public land records can be utilized as an excellent starting point when searching for land acreage sales.

Most public records are not available online and require a visit to the Public Records Office. When reviewing the contents within public records, the following information should be gathered:

  • Parcel Number or Tax ID number: The parcel number identifies real estate for database maintenance and tax purposes, assigning a 10 digit code to each public land record.  Knowing this number is necessary to proceed in the buying process and allows quick access when searching for the property in the future.
  • Auction Location: This is the exact street address of the location where the property will be sold and will usually be at the Arizona State Land Department.
  • Zoning: Development limitations and your geographical district information will be provided here, crucial information for any building project.
  • General Plan: The type of land being sold (commercial or residential) and the city that the property is a part of will determine your taxes and is vital information.

The Arizona State Land Department can be reached by phone at (602) 542-4631 to provide assistance with public record inquiries.

Sellers often list personal contact information on public land records to facilitate a sale, allowing real estate agents or land buyers to contact the seller for more information on the land or to declare interest in the land and make arrangements with the seller. If the land is on auction, more information can be found by contacting the Arizona State Land Department and providing the parcel number.

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