– Updates to your favorite land for sale website!

Posted by admin on October 3, 2013

Good Morning Agents/Brokers/FSBO’s/ and all other unclassified, 100% essential (we know how important you all are) personnel! AllAcres.comhas been hard at work in the R and D room coming up with ways to make sure that we become the most efficient, easiest to use, most visible, and friendliest land listing website available on the internet (the whole thing!) So what does this mean?

1: Blogs will be coming back soon! We know that ya’ll love data! It’s the nature of the beast in the real estate industry, and what better place to get land for sale values, forms and functions that the people that obsess over it, right? But for right now, our efforts are being placed where they belong… making sure that your land listings are visible, and that people who are in the market for buying land for sale are finding out about!

Secondly: Newsletters. Again, they will be back. Sharper, and better than ever. Logic alert– if you have land for sale in the United States, and you feel like maybe getting that message out to multiple thousands of people, twice a month would be a good idea, you might consider grabbing up one of our available “Property Of The Week” spots (yeah, we know, the newsletter will be every other week, BUT– that doesn’t mean that a week in and of itself isn’t an individual week, so therefore the logic behind “Property Of The Week” still stands.) We begin that offering in just a few weeks!

C: We can’t drop too much of a spoiler on this one. But let’s just say we are working on merging two worlds: Social Media and Land Sales. But you say, “Pshaw! That’s been done for years. Agencies and Brokerages are all over Facebook, Twitter, etc.” True– but that’s not what we are talking about. Those sites are theirs, is yours and ours! Whether you are a land sales specialist, or an Average-Jeff-12 pack looking to buy land…  just wait…you’re going to love it!

Talk at you soon!


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