City Stats: Gilbert, Arizona: Land In Gilbert Arizona For Sale

Posted by admin on May 22, 2013

Gilbert, Arizona not only continues to rise in price alongside many other regions in Arizona, but also is host to some incredible history pertaining to one of the United States’ biggest litanies; “Freedom of Religion!”

Gilbert has some great bragging rights in regard to some extremely complimentary designations. For example, the CQ Press rated Gilbert, “The Safest Municipality in Arizona,” while also being considered, “The 36th best place to live in the nation.” In 2005, Gilbert was the “largest city in the United States to have zero recorded murders.” Historically, the town of Gilbert, Arizona was widely considered “The Hay Shipping Capital of the World” due in part to its primarily agricultural roots, and its participation in the construction of a rail line between Phoenix, and Florence. (cit.)

Land sales and values in Gilbert, Arizona reflect these compliments as from last year to this year, the average sold price per acre has raised from almost exactly $150,000 per acre to nearly $200,000 per acre, YTD. This shows a fantastic trend in a great location for anyone who is looking to invest (you’re welcome for the sales points as well!) or settling in to raise a family!

While we still have a long way to stretch to reach the pre-bubble bursting figures of 2006 (coming just shy of one half million dollars, sold price per acre), the situation is sure looking up!

Not only is Gilbert, Arizona a well-revered place to call home, but also, is historically rich in culture! In the late 1800′s, the military campaign waged by Pancho Villa forced the Mormon populations of Sonora and Chihuahua to seek asylum farther north across the desert, to the land in Gilbert, Arizona. These areas eventually became part of the United States during the Cession, (post Mexican-American war).  As a side note, members of the Romney family (Marion/George) have ties to the roots sewn in these times.