City Stats: Goodyear, AZ: Land in Goodyear!

Posted by admin on May 20, 2013

What do ghost stories, racetracks, tires, and cotton fields all have in common?  The answer: Goodyear, Arizona. Goodyear, although not having the popular connotation to its name that Scottsdale, or Phoenix carry, twice a year transforms into one of the biggest…and loudest parties one could ever be a part of! Drive Fast, Turn Left, NASCAR! Although named, Phoenix International Raceway (PIR), the track itself is actually located in Goodyear, tucked away in a sleepy little farming community due South of the I-10 (on the way to California). You wouldn’t know driving past it, but the street of Avondale Blvd becomes a thoroughfare for drivers of Giant RV’s, souped up rides, and trashcar wannabe’s. If you have never experienced the party surrounding a NASCAR event, you might not know what the word “party” means. Perhaps this has something to do, amongst other variables, with the fantastic increase in the sales trend from last year (2012) through YTD 2013. To give an idea of the potential that land in Goodyear, AZ has, right now we can take a look at difference between the average listing price, and the average sold price between this year and last. Last year, the average listing price per acre was just over $70,000; however, would on average sell for $58,000…nearly $12,000 under. Thus far in 2013 however, the average listing price per acre is about $79,000 with the average sold price per acre reaching $70,000.

“The difference is only a few thousand dollars though! So what, big deal!” The dollars and cents, however, isn’t the bigger picture conclusion to draw. What we see here is sellers’ ability to confidently negotiate a selling price that is closer to what they are asking….meaning that values are indicative of current market trends! This is great news for everyone, even the investors! While investors might take a small hit on the fore-end, predicting sales figures becomes more relative, but also puts the investor in the position to be able to have a reasonable conversation about selling.

While NASCAR fans party down, Goodyear ( originally named after the tire company due to the cotton production economy necessary for their tires) citizens can settle in, and rest easy knowing their land is once again on the way to working for them…instead of the other way around.

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