City Stats: Land For Sale In Buckeye, Arizona!

Posted by admin on June 14, 2013

It probably isn’t Upton Sinclair, or the Buckeye Hills Recreation Area when one considers the western town of Buckeye, Arizona. More likely, the vision of cattle, ranches, farmers and cacti with blowing tumbleweeds and vultures probably comes to mind. And while Buckeye has traditionally been a largely agricultural community, land in Buckeye, Arizona will soon be put to more contemporary uses. In fact, nearly 30 planned communities are slated to be built, and a man-made local lake that will span 900 Acres is planned as well.

Perhaps these factors are among the reasons that Buckeye, Arizona land values are looking up and up! Alongside the rest of the nation, Buckeye, AZ land prices were highly inflated in 2006, boasting an impressive $94,048 on parcels under 40 acres.. Following the drop out, however, Buckeye Arizona average land price per acre in 2012 already reached one third of its former glory, and has continued its incline…moving to $47,7152 year to date in 2013!

It appears once again, that land is a hot ticket item, and prices are rapidly on the rise! And while much of the buzz is investor driven, one thing is for sure… Buckeye, AZ land for sale is drying up exponentially!

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