City Stats: Land For Sale In Chandler, Arizona!

Posted by admin on June 18, 2013

Chandler, Arizona has one of the most interesting upbringings in regards to cities in Arizona. It’s true that Chandler has a very popular entertainment district which includes one of the largest shopping malls in Arizona. It’s also true that Chandler, as a local economy, has been able to weather some of the most difficult economic times in our nation’s history; including, but not limited to the great depression.  These are proud accomplishments for the citizenry of Chandler, but what’s more interesting is its founding.

Dr. John Chandler (can you guess who founded the city?) was the first practicing veterinary surgeon to take up residence in Arizona. Back then, in 1891 he lived on what was known as “The Chandler Ranch” which consisted of only a few acres of land adjacent to Mesa, Arizona. By the year 1900, the doctor had acquired approximately 18,000 acres, and began drawing plans for the city that is today known as Chandler, Arizona. Just a brief 13 years later, and the owners of the Hotel San Marcos bought some of the Chandler Arizona land for sale which became the very first golf resort in Arizona!

It goes without saying that Chandler, Arizona land prices today are much different than they were during the city’s inception, however, what’s interesting as well is that Chandler, Arizona land values, much in the strong tradition of the city, have weathered the recent tough times, and since the real estate bust at the end of the last decade, the Chandler Arizona average land price per acre has already recovered to more than half of its former glory. Indeed, thus far in 2013, the average sold price is $153,068, which is up from just over $111,000 last year. Granted, this price is still far from the 2006 summit of almost $300,000 ( c.ARMLS), but even still, the sturdy pricing is very representative of Chandler’s historic temerity.

Indeed Chandler, Arizona has a ton of bragging rights, which probably has something to do with its current popularity as a destination in the Grand Canyon State. Follow us here for more information on Arizona land for sale, and be sure to share with friends and family on Facebook!