City Stats: Laveen, Arizona: Land For Sale In Laveen, Arizona!

Posted by admin on June 26, 2013

The Three A’s with a surname that phonetically sounds like “Laveen”: Avril, Adam….and Arizona! It sounds like the name just attracts stardom! While such a statement is obviously intended as sarcastic, the true story of Laveen Arizona land for sale starts with something that affects ALL contemporary land owners… water rights!

Laveen, Arizona like many other cities, obtained its name from its assumed founder, Walter Laveen. During the time of its inception, Laveen was a self-sufficient community,  which was odd given its close proximity to Phoenix. The reason for its isolation was that a single bridge crossed over the Salt River, which at the time, had flowing waters year-round. So one might picture it, as almost a desert island in an otherwise landlocked area; however, with the installment of the Roosevelt Dam, the river slowed, and dried…and water became an issue.

Laveen started with an initial purchase of 40 acres, which would eventually be grown to more than 350 acres by Walter Laveen’s successor; “Dee” Cheatham (Armon Deconda Cheatham). Cheatham purchased all of this acreage while land values in Laveen, Arizona were still infantile.  The original 40 acres of land, however, was home to the town’s only deep water well, which became a gathering point for not only residents, but also nearby tribal communities, who would bring goods to trade for the potable water. This fact is not to be misconstrued with the idea that there were simply no other wells available; there were, but they were shallow wells, and the water pumped from them was salty and therefore only good for washing and rinsing.

The deep water well became so popular in fact, that many residents sought legal recourse against Cheatham, claiming that his excessive pumping of ground water was forcing their own wells dry! This fact, although it might seem trivial, was the catalyst to one of the biggest issues in contemporary land ownership…water rights!

In the landmark case of Bristor vs. Cheatham, concerning the use of excessive water rights relative to boundaries of land (in other words, “the water your land is using is affecting the productivity of water on my land), the court ruled in favor of the Cheathams, stating the ages old principle of “rock stays, water moves”, meaning “Your land is your land, but water, as an entity, can’t be controlled.” Indeed this was the standard until the early 1950′s where an appellate court overturned the ruling, which set in motion the development of the modern standards that govern water rights with land ownership!

For such a hallmark ruling, Laveen Arizona is still considered to be a “village” by standard, but surprisingly enough, Laveen Arizona land prices are keeping relative pace with some of the big boys! In 2006, Laveen Arizona land values were astronomical! At *$244,216 average land price per acre, the “village” was nothing to sneeze at! When the bottom fell out, however, and other larger municipalities were able to weather the storm a little better, unfortunately, Laveen took a pretty bad hit, and it took until 2012 for prices to recover to a mere $23,838. Not to fear, however, because the tale of Laveen doesn’t end there. Already, in 2013 the average sale price per acre, in Laveen Arizona, has risen to over $58,000! It should be noted however, that while the numbers have painted the theme of the trends in Laveen, and it should go without saying, we do want to point out that the figures could be affected when taking into consideration the price of EACH individual sale in addition to the size of each sale and the total amount of sales which hold a wide range.

So while Adam “Levine” is stuck on his payphone, and Avril “Lavigne” doesn’t like your girlfriend, *”Laveen”, Arizona can claim a solid, and profound piece of real estate history!

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* Different states water rights may vary