City Stats: Maricopa County Overview: Land For Sale In Maricopa County

Posted by admin on May 24, 2013

Although this blog series is called, “City Stats”, we thought it would be a good idea to head into the weekend by posting an “overall” view. We have traveled through many of the various “boroughs”, if you will, in Central Arizona… but to create an overall connection might be of some value! After all, when people are searching for Maricopa County Average Land Values, or Maricopa County Average Land Prices, often times…they are not local, and therefore will search county statistics before breaking down into individual regions, or cities.

Thus far on our journey we have witnessed a significant increase in values in each of the regions….but how does it all add up? What is the bigger picture?

For Maricopa County, Arizona Land Sales… we have seen, for sales of 5 acres and larger that appeared in ARMLS, year to date in 2013 an average sold price per acre of $16, 492.06. This is up from $11,494.30 for Maricopa County Land in 2012!

This is great news! This means as a County, Maricopa has witnessed a 43.48% increase overall! If we can continue this trend, soon…we should see a significant recovery. To view all of’ s Maricopa County Land For Sale, Click here!

What could this mean for investors, or retail buyers? Are we going to witness unchecked growth again (think 2006), or are we working our way towards another real estate bubble? Would another real estate bubble be a bad thing, or is this just the new breed of cyclical investing?

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