City Stats: New River, Arizona: Land For Sale In New River, Arizona!

Posted by admin on June 28, 2013

When one thinks of impressive values in real estate, it is easy to think of the obvious, larger municipalities as having the more “attractive” draw. It is this irony, among other factors that makes the quaint division of New River, Arizona all the more special. Land values in New River, Arizona are…to say the least….impressive.

New River, named for the seasonal “New River” that is created when the Agua Fria drains into the Salt River boasted impressive statistics prior to the plunge in real estate prices. In fact, New River, Arizona land prices in 2006 were an impressive $137,162 average sold price per acre. It goes without saying, that the smaller municipalities surrounding greater land tracts took a more dramatic hit, but during the past few years, New River, Arizona land prices recovered to $16,754. This might seem dismal, compared to its former glory, but the fact of the matter is that already, in 2013, New River, Arizona land for sale has almost doubled itself and has landed at an impressive $25,389 average land price per acre.

As much of a warm and tingly feeling as this story gives, the true story that lurks in the shadows of New River, is that The Phoenix General Plan includes tracts of land that would compromise a large portion of the New River municipality. From an investor standpoint, New River might be the place to be. From a long time residential standpoint, nothing could be more upsetting.

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