City Stats: Queen Creek: Land For Sale In Queen Creek, AZ

Posted by admin on May 31, 2013

There’s actually quite a bit to say about the little talked about, but historically rich city of Queen Creek, Arizona. Land in Queen Creek was classically used as a way point for stagecoaches on their way from Florence to Mesa. What was then called “The Desert Wells Stage Stop” offered shade and water to travelers, as well as protection from bandits and other hostile factors. Queen Creek is also host to some major attractions including “The American Heritage Festival”, which holds the crown as the largest annual living history event in the South Western United States, and the family owned and operated Scnepf Farms!

One will often see mounted Horses being trained or ridden on some of the vast tracts of land in Queen Creek, which come from some of the surrounding ranch land properties or Queen Creeks’ large equestrian centre.

It’s little wonder then, that from 2012 to 2013 (ytd by ARMLS) land values in Queen Creek Arizona have risen a monstrous 82.13%! Last year, the Queen Creek Arizona average land price per acre was $20,374. This pales in comparison to the current Queen Creek AZ land prices which are boasting $37,108 per acre!

It’s easy to see the long and short of the story is the fact that Queen Creek is making a comeback in the world of Real Estate, especially when it comes to Queen Creek Arizona land for sale! To see more about Queen Creek, some of its landmarks, things to do and available properties…. visit AllAcres right now!

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