City Stats: Scottsdale, Arizona: Land For Sale In Scottsdale, Arizona

Posted by admin on May 29, 2013

Oh boy. There is a metric ton to say about Scottsdale, Arizona. It has proven itself to become one of the biggest “tourist” attractions for its ritzy clubs, world renown restaurants, unbeatable nightlife, and glamorous resort style lodgings. The polar opposite, and perhaps what is so entertaining about Scottsdale, Arizona…is not so much the city itself, so much as the people that frequent it. It can almost be considered the Jersey Shore amongst the other land in Central Arizona. It is for this reason, that Scottsdale has staked its claim as a national treasure amongst online troll-sites. Its namesake also has inspired numerous other mimicking troll-sites for various other cities that happen to have a large populous of party-goers with a college campus adjacent. For the record, the author is intentionally avoiding speaking the name which shall not be spoken (but does contain a dirt joke in it, which is almost appropriate for a website with land, however just barely misses the mark for a shout out) but those of you who have a knack for context clues know exactly which sites I’m talking about.

It’s not the various clubs, scantily clad bartenders, all night dance parties, and droves of intoxicated university co-eds that impresses the savvy investor however. Indeed, one with a penchant for investing in land in Maricopa County, looks past the orange skinned soccer moms and 30k millionaires, and sees the potential in land in Scottsdale, Arizona.

In 2006, the average sold price per acre (thanks ARMLS), was a staggering $456,495.00!

Now, in a perfect world, that price would have either stayed put, or continued to rise making land for sale in Scottsdale, Arizona comparable nationally to some of the biggest names in real estate. However, we all know how the story goes, and with the unfortunate scenario that we created…the bottom fell out.

Don’t despair however. This tale of bronzed skin, and bruised ego’s doesn’t tap out with a disappointing statistic. No, no. In fact, just last year…amongst the other recovering markets, Scottsdale made a heroic leap, and boasted an average sold price per acre of $145,227! A little more than a quarter of the way there! Even better, this year-to-date, we have witnessed the average sold price per acre for land in Scottsdale, Arizona climb even higher…$152,344!

The moral of the story, simply put is this:

Don’t fear Oompa Loompas of Scottsdale! The value of the land under your feet is on its way back! To ensure you stay on top of current trends in land values in Scottsdale, Arizona and other cities/regions, add us to your favorites bar! In fact, if you have liked anything in this article, please feel free to share this information with family and friends! This is probably most easily done by clicking HERE and then liking, or re-posting. If Social Media isn’t your thing, simply point that mouse and Click Here, and register to keep abreast (another Scottsdale joke) of other awesome articles, and useful information.

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Stay jacked and tan!

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