City Stats: Surprise, Arizona: Land For Sale in Surprise, Arizona!

Posted by admin on June 24, 2013

Given the changes in the real estate marketplace we have all been subject to, whether we like it or not, one thing is for sure….we have all been surprised at one point or another. That is exactly how the City of Surprise found its name. There is a slight mystique surrounding the “true” founder’s identity, but records show that in 1938, Flora Mae Statler subdivided her land for agricultural workers. She sardonically quipped that she would, “be surprised if the town ever amounted to much.” It stuck, and unknowingly, Mrs. Statler had named her city.
Now the truth stands that Surprise, Arizona land prices, or (“Surprize” its original spelling) have, since there foundation, been in the limelight! In fact, Flora Mae’s husband, Homer C. Ludden, was a real estate developer! Until 2010 it was believed that Homer actually founded Surprise, which is a slight inaccuracy.
*Today, however, the surprises continue! Last year, the average land sold price per acre was approximately $11,200. Not terrible…but far from great. Surprise! Astonishingly, and really, inspiring… thus far in 2013, the same variable set would land you an average of about $20,200. That’s huge! So we are headed in the right direction, and Surprise is proving Mrs. Statler’s theory wrong; however, we are still slightly more than a stone’s throw from 2006 Surprise, Arizona land values which were about $139,000! For more info on Surprise, Arizona land for sale, click here:  Surprise Land For Sale
*(Data Per ARMLS on sales of 1 Acre or Larger)