Conservation Easement

Posted by admin on December 27, 2012

A conservation easement is an agreement that limits the type or amount of development that can be done to a specific parcel of land. Landowners who seek conservation easements do so to protect their land from unwanted development and ensure that their property is protected forever.

A conservation easement is made between a landowner and a government agency or land protection organization. While still holding private ownership of the land, the landowner, also known as the easement donor, signs an agreement that is received by the organization. From that point on, the easement applies to the current owner and all future owners of the land.

Conservation easements vary from one property to another based on such factors as the landowner’s preferences and the characteristics that the land holds. Some properties allow absolutely no development while others enforce a restriction on the amount and/or type of development that would normally be permitted. Conservation easements are also available to protect the entire property or a smaller portion of the property.

In addition to protection of the land, landowners also receive a large financial benefit: a federal income tax deduction based on the value of the land and its characteristics. Sometimes landowners also receive lower estate and property taxes for their conservation donation.

To qualify for a conservation easement, the land must have significant characteristics that are worth protecting. This includes property in such areas as forests, wetlands and beaches as well as scenic areas.

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