Easy Steps to Accessing Landlocked Property

Posted by admin on January 24, 2013

Landlocked property is property that does not front a public road or street, meaning it is completely surrounded by land owned by others. When looking at this type of property, it seems that the only way to access the land is by crossing through another’s property. If you are interested in buying property that is landlocked, don’t worry too much; there are many easy ways that you can be granted access to landlocked property, including the following:

Buy an easement. When interested in buying property that is landlocked, this is the first step to try. If there is a road that you would like to use in order to gain access to a piece of property, you can receive an easement from the landowner holding the title for the property that leads to that road. The easement requires a legal description of the location to be accessed and a notarized signature of approval from the landowner.

Buy the neighborhood. If there are many pieces of land owned by others, preventing access to your desired property, you can make an offer to purchase these properties. By doing so, you can easily gain an easement while increasing the size and value of your property.

In some states, the law will prevail. If you try to buy an easement or neighborhood and the land owners aren’t budging, you may be able to gain an easement under the law. The law recognizes that land without any access is of no use or value, so it provides some regulation allowing access to the land if an easement cannot be obtained in another way. For example, an implied easement, also known as an easement of necessity, is granted by the law if there is no access to the property. There are three types of implied easements, including implied grant, implied reservation and implied by prior use.

Search for physical clues of a past easement. If there is evidence of a dwelling on the land, there likely was also a road to that property allowing the former owners to access it. To find out more, it would be beneficial to speak with residents of the area who may be able to share information, such as when the land was last occupied and how it was accessible to the public road. Some local government departments also have aerial photographs of the property, which may show a dwelling or road that is not presently visible due to reasons, such as overgrowth. These clues can help you locate access to the property.

Seek the advice of an attorney. This should be your very last option as attorneys can be expensive and you can do much of the work yourself. However, they are a great source to help you explore all your options in gaining access to the landlocked property.

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