How to Reduce Holding Costs on Vacant Land for Sale

Posted by admin on July 5, 2012

Whether you are selling your house or vacant land, the holding costs associated with the property must be calculated. Monthly mortgage, taxes, insurance, utilities, maintenance and all other fees make up holding costs. Controlling and minimizing holding costs can be done through:

  • Property Rights: If your vacant land for sale is near farmers or livestock owners, selling or granting grazing, water or mineral rights to a neighbor can offset holding costs, and reduce maintenance costs like landscaping. Selling timber rights can prove profitable in the short term, but property value will be reduced post-harvest and property attractiveness can be affected as well.
  • Conservation Easement: Farms and ranches, wetlands, scenic areas, forests and preservation worthy land can qualify for a conservation easement. By sacrificing certain property rights, such as development rights, land owners may qualify for government funding from a number of programs that can offset holding costs.
  • Property Tax Appeal: Each calendar year property owners are given a window of time to appeal their property tax assessment. If the value of your land has decreased you may be eligible for an appeal so the tax value is more closely aligned with the actual value. Contact the local County Assessor’s office to determine the deadline for appeals.

The number one way to reduce holding costs on vacant land for sale is to minimize the amount of time the land is on the market. Users of enjoy high visibility listings that ensure your property is seen by interested buyers. Our convenient website usability, potential for traffic and industry experience make your total source for land sales. Call us today at (855) 227-3741 or contact us online to learn more about posting a high visibility listing for your vacant land for sale.