Identifying Property with Solar Energy Potential

Posted by admin on March 14, 2013

In recent years, Americans have become more focused on environmentally friendly practices, including the way we are consuming energy. Solar energy development has taken off with planners, public officials and other individuals and organizations working to create new projects throughout the country. A large percentage of these projects are being developed on vacant land for sale.

Solar energy projects are generally welcomed as they improve the environment by reducing the consumption of fossil fuels, which in turn reduces the levels of greenhouse gasses emitted into the atmosphere. In areas with a lot of vacant land for sale, solar energy projects are a great way to use the land because not only do they benefit the environment, but they also improve the overall appearance of the community.

If you are interested in buying land with solar energy potential, there are a wide variety of properties that are equipped for installation of solar panels in the ground or mounted directly on a building. When looking for affordable land for solar energy development, look for sites with access to sunlight. While this seems simple enough, the area that you are buying land in will determine the quantity and quality of sunlight that is available to you. Characteristics, such as climate and topography are things that will have an effect on the amount of sunlight you receive on the property. When looking at any piece of affordable land, always do your research to determine if the amount and quality of sunlight is reasonable for supporting a solar energy project.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provides national and state maps for potential buyers interested in property sales with solar energy potential. The maps show the quality of solar energy resources available in specific areas throughout the nation. The EPA also provides a PV watts calculator online that provides estimates on energy production monthly and annually. In addition to the resources that the EPA offers, many local entities have taken it upon themselves to create solar mapping tools that are applicable to the immediate areas they are serving.  There are many resources available to you as a buyer of affordable land for solar energy purposes.

If you are interested in locating vacant land for sale with solar energy potential, visit to immediately discover affordable land in your desired area. With hundreds of properties throughout the nation, you are sure to find property sales that receive ample, quality sunlight, and are equipped for solar energy installation. For more information on property sales with solar energy potential, please call AllAcres at 855-227-3741 or contact us online.