Land Survey: Do I need one?

Posted by admin on August 16, 2012

Although a land survey isn’t required for every real estate transaction, it should be taken into consideration prior to buying property. Failing to have a land survey done is one of the most common mistakes made when buying property.

A land survey should be done anytime the boundaries of a parcel of land aren’t properly marked. Many home lots in city areas are marked with fences, but in rural areas the property lines aren’t as clear. Regardless of where you will be buying property, a land survey is an invaluable step in the purchasing process. When a surveyor visits the land to perform a survey on a piece of property, the property lines will be marked with stakes and flags so that the boundaries are clear.

It is extremely important to know your property lines prior to buying property so that you are protected. Without an American Land Title Association (ATLA) survey, problems may arise if it is found that your fence is sitting on a neighbor’s land or if easements are in place that allow service companies, such as electric or water, access to the property to carry out maintenance. The most common problems arise when the owner makes improvements to a property. Additions such as patios, pools, garages, or building extensions can easily extend past the building limits or cross the boundaries into a neighbor’s property or into an easement.

Having a land survey done prior to buying property is beneficial because it will define the dimensions of the lot, any position of easements and building limits. It will also outline any improvements and show whether or not they are within the property limits or if they create a barrier to access. While it isn’t always required to have a land survey done before buying property, it is highly recommended to protect and define your rights as a property owner. AllAcres makes searching for properties convenient with an easily accessible website that will quickly put you in front of multiple properties. Call today at 855-227-3741 or contact us online with any questions.