Recycling land for sale? The way of the future!

Posted by jeffsmith0 on July 14, 2014

It would seem that the old mantra, "Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle", that many of us remember from years ago, is making its way back into contemporary culture! Though it seems quite common place in our urban societies, the concept of recycling is bursting into a new industry! Indeed, the concept of recycling Real Estate, is on its way!

While State Governments battle over state's rights issues like, legalizing marijuana...whether for medical or general use, another profound argument has made its way into the forefront of local legislation; that is... the sale of government land to the they that offer the most!

We've all seen them. Buildings, dilapidated and forlorn. Structures ready to bend over on top of themselves after years of neglect and abandonment. Indeed these structural orphans tell a sad tale about their past, and their future might look just as bleak. Sometimes these buildings reside on large tracts of vacant land! Sometimes, it is just bare, sad, land itself that goes unused. But lo' and behold, a hero emerges! Not a hero in the form of a philanthropic benefactor, or someone seeking a tax cut for 'shaping up' a downtrodden neighborhood; no, instead our real estate orphans will be sold as a normal real estate transaction, pending earnest, escrow, and a successful closing.

"So what's the big deal? People buy fix and flips all the time!"

The real story resides in the fact that these are not privately chunks of land for sale, or parcels of land, at least in the civilian sense of the phrase, but rather buildings that once upon a time used to be government run institutions. Take this list of properties from An author, who prefers to remain anonymous, writes that among others, properties that could potentially be sold to private buyers could include: A closed school for juvenile offenders, a hanger at Dane County Regional Airport that used to house government aircraft, and even more controversial and shocking..." the possible sale of 32 heating and cooling plants."

Just like medical marijuana, the sale of the government properties would of course help to bolster the coffers of local governments, as well as potentially giving new life to buildings, parcels of land, and structures that might otherwise be relegated to adventurous party-bound high school kids, or those with a nomadic lifestyle. But critics might argue that the downside of such transactions could include shuttering out those that are not "in the know" (referring to a systemic lack of transparency), which could lead to an unintentional corruption of the game, altogether.

It has been quoted, at least from the unknown author, that nothing has been decided as of yet, at least in that part of Wisconsin, but, it's not to say that other municipalities across the nation might not be doing the same thing! So what do you think? Is the sale of government owned land to the private market a good idea, or a bad idea? And why? Do you know of a parcel of land near you that would be a great purchase? What about a building on a large tract of acreage? Would it help your area to have it sold to the right buyer, and given new purpose and life? Let us know what you think!

See the article here.