Selling Land in a Tough Market

Posted by admin on February 28, 2013

During these tough economic times, it may be extremely difficult to sell even the most affordable land. Buyers may be receiving offers for their acres of land for sale that are far too low to even be considered or may have trouble finding a committed buyer who makes it all the way to closing the deal. Due to the nature of the economy, both buyers and sellers are fearful of their futures from a financial standpoint. In order to counter this problem, buyers and sellers of affordable land should come together to negotiate and draft a deal that both parties are comfortable with.

While in a normal, healthy market, buyers have no problem financing from a bank, that isn’t always the best option with the state of the current market. If you, as the seller, are able to provide owner financing, it is something you should seriously consider in regards to your acreage sale. With owner financing, you are able to offer the buyer financing for much less than a bank would be willing to lend on. If you were to offer 2 or 3 percent less than the banks, this is an attractive offer for buyers who may then be more willing to commit to purchasing your acres of land for sale.

Not only will the buyer benefit from owner financing, but the seller will benefit as well. Their acres of land for sale will be taken off the market much faster and they will also earn all of the interest, which can add up to a considerable amount over the years. Although you may prefer to have the deal completely done without any financing on your part, it is important to understand the perspective of the buyers. Most buyers are strapped for cash and aren’t able to make huge down payments on acreage sales. Showing your buyers that you are willing to work with them to reach a deal that they are comfortable with will encourage them to strongly consider purchasing your affordable land.

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