Think you are funny, clever, or smart? Read this…it could make you money!

Posted by admin on August 13, 2013

First and foremost, welcome! You are reading this, probably because you have liked AllAcres’ Facebook page.

Thanks for that, by the way. We like you too.

Now..The good news is, you have joined the  Party at the exact right time! Why? Because we are smack dab in the middle of a contest! The winner of THIS particular contest will be the recipient of a $100 Visa Gift Card. Do we have your interest? Perfect! It will help you to know, however, that this contest started near the end of July, so we are already in the middle of it. BUT! You STILL have two more chances to make it to the final round!

Before we get into how you can potentially make $100, share this on your own Facebook page, and invite your friends to play as well! All they need to do is like us, and comment on some photos! After all, you would want your friends to tell you about a chance to make $100, right? Of course… So tell them; besides, who doesn’t like a little friendly competition!

Here are the original rules (dated July 23rd, 2013):

 Create A Caption and “The Greatest Caption Of All!”

Get Money For Being Funny…

Or smart, or clever, or sardonic…acidic….whatever. The newest contest from Our

“Create A Caption” Contest starts today, and the first picture ends on July 31st! The first picture will be posted on The photos will typically be of land for sale, acreage, and weird or crazy things that we’ve discovered as we have been out looking for land for sale in different parts of the nation! Now, register (if you haven’t already) on, and leave your “Caption” in the comments section of the picture! The top 2 captions for each picture (posted every week) will be selected by a vote from the AllAcres staff. Each top 2 authors from each of the pictures will move on to the final round; the “Greatest Caption Of All” Contest.


- Every new picture posted gives you a new chance to be in the top 2, because you can comment on EACH week’s photo!

- Two captions will be selected as the winner for each week’s picture (4 weeks total, one photo each week.)

- The winner of The “Greatest Caption of All” Contest, which will be selected from amongst all of the Top 2 (i.e. the final Cool “Create A Caption” winners from the preceding weeks will be awarded a $100 Visa Gift Card!

Back to the current time: (August 13th, 2013)– Here’s where we stand:

- The end of week 3, is tomorrow at 5:00 p.m., AZ-MST. At that point, the captions close for Photo#3, and we will put up Photo #4.  That gives everyone about one more day to post a caption for Photo #3. You can do this here on Facebook, or on’s blog, under the photo in the comments section.

- Remember, EVERY caption you write… for EVERY photo will be considered in EACH week’s rankings. That gives EVERY ONE OF YOU a chance to get AT LEAST one caption on one of the remaining two photos (2 more chances to make it to the final 8!)

- After Photo #4′s caption time frame ends (8/21), the AllAcres staff will vote on the top captions from all of the prior weeks to decide the TOP 8 that will go on to The Greatest Caption Of All Contest!

- The Final 8  will be notified of their preliminary victories, respectively,  and invited to post ONE LAST CAPTION on ONE LAST PHOTO, which will be posted on August 22nd, and voted on– August 23rd.

- The winner of the Final Caption Contest will be announced at 5:30 P.M. On Friday August 23rd, and will be the recipient of a $100 Visa Gift Card.

Sound like something you want to be a part of? It’s a no-brainer. Type words for chance to win money. Simple as that.

Good luck, and stay tuned!

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