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AllAcres.com- Your Total Source For Land Sales



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Table Of Contents:

“It is amazing what can be accomplished when nobody cares about who gets the credit.”- Robert Yates

1-      The Difference

Why choose AllAcres.com? 5 Differences Between Us And “The Others”

2-    Who Is AllAcres.com?

              A brief explanation detailing who we are

3-    Our Components

              The different facets of our team

4-     Clients

              A sample of some of the businesses that have made the right choice

5-    Contact Information

              The way to obtain our services

6-     Frequently Asked Questions

              To help you along your way

5 Ways We Are Different Than “The Others”

“Wearing The Same Shirts Doesn’t Make A Team.”-Buchholz and Roth

AllAcres.com is a different breed of Real Estate website. We want to explain up front, before moving any further, how it is that we really separate ourselves from the flock! Take a look!

1-       Company Structure: Unlike other Real Estate “Giants” we prefer to keep our company structure intimate and strong. When we are able to keep our employment costs down, we pass the savings onto our customers and the rewards onto our staff. This promotes an atmosphere of congeniality, vision, passion, and progress which in turn reflects to our customers, as we genuinely have a desire to succeed for everyone involved! Our team shows up ready to make a difference, not collect a paycheck, and the difference in disposition is one of the biggest benefits of enrolling with AllAcres.com!

2-       Pricing Structure and Plans: We are a website that is 100% FREE to POST, and 100% FREE to SEARCH.  This is a catalyst towards exponential content and growth, which in turn offers each of our customers more exposure!  In addition, our advertisers have limited exclusivity, meaning that only a limited number of advertisements will be shown relative to a sales region; ensuring that our advertisers have a fair shake at their banner being seen by the people in their region! Since we work exclusively with land as opposed to housing, our land agents and brokers that purchase a “featured agent” spot are one of just two agents that will be featured in a given zip code, and thereby receive top notch recognition and exposure for a simple one-time payment, annually.

3-       Transparency: We offer just two inexpensive plans for Banner Advertising, to ensure that every part of every transaction is transparent, and fluid. We offer one plan for those who want to “set it and forget it” and reap the rewards of advertising with us, and a second plan for those who prefer to “monitor the results”. Both plans are inexpensive, effective, and help a company with maximum exposure. Our “Property Of The Week” spot is a single low price payment. One and done, no questions asked, first come, first serve. The ability to be the featured listing agent of the week again, comes with a low price tag due to our ability to keep our overhead significantly lower than competitors!

4-       Simplicity:  Our registration process is simple for everyone! Anyone can register and begin searching in less than a minute! No credit card required! Our posters have unlimited postings available to them, which means unlimited content for them and unlimited exposure for your company! Our Advertisers have the benefit of an extremely simple registration, and payment. One page of information, one payment, one upload; and that’s it. We take care of the rest!

5-        “Fringe” Benefits of being a customer: If the price point for the purchase of one of our banner ads isn’t enough to convince you to be a customer, or the ease of use isn’t enough to convince your company to register with us, then look at the additional benefits of enrolling in one of our plans.

  1. Don’t have a banner? First and foremost, we have an in house designer who will design a banner ad, as a thank you for enrolling in one of our Banner Advertisement Programs. Typical design prices usually range from $95 per hour to $150 per hour. Our designer will provide your company with a banner advertisement for no additional charge when enrolling in one of our programs.
  2. Contests and Promotions!  Posting a listing with us doesn’t end with just the listing. AllAcres.com frequently runs new promotions and contests, as a fun way to help motivate agents, owners, and brokers to post land for sale!
  3. Social Media!  When it comes down to contemporary expansion efforts, AllAcres.com is constantly on top! Whether it is Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, Giveaways and Handouts, or Blogs; we have the latest information, statistics, methodologies, and knowledge to keep us constantly moving forward.

YouTube Video’s From AllAcres.com- One of the Ways We Promote and Educate

About Us:

“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people together to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.”- AntoineDe Saint

AllAcres.com is a privately owned, multi-faceted company based in the suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona. Founded in 2012, AllAcres.com began as a “pay to list” website, which allowed Real Estate Agents or Private Land Owners to list their acreage for sale. What separated AllAcres from competitors was the fact that AllAcres was a land specific site, which allowed individuals who were looking in the niche market of land sales to be seen without having to be stacked side by side with housing sales. This allows the niche land broker or investor the ability to be visible alongside the real estate housing giant!

Continuing with that methodology, in early 2013, AllAcres.com underwent massive site renovations, and come early Spring, launched the “100% Free To Post” Campaign in which individuals which would normally have to pay were being able to begin posting their listings for free. The combination of being a land-specific site which was 100% free to post brought new vigor, and an increased web presence to the site, and to date, land listings from California to The Carolinas are being shown. Even listings from Alaska and Hawaii have been posted! The ability to boast such a far-reaching presence has bolstered AllAcres’ online presence, and with the dawn of summer, AllAcres.com has increased its sales personnel, and subdivided prior content departments into more specified roles. This shift has allowed potent concentration of effort, and each department has a specified focus, allowing an unhindered movement towards growth and further expansion.


“Remember; upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all.”- Alexander The Great

AllAcres.com is comprised of four different “branches”, whose definitions have been specialized, and simplified, ensuring that daily, each team member has a single, direct goal in mind, allowing focus and increased production. We have no team member who isn’t immediately conscious of the other teams’ goals.

Sales- Each member of our sales unit has years of experience; ranging from cold-call B2B telemarketing to brass tacks door to door sales. Our sales team is our most broad unit, composing 50% of the team makeup. Their entire focus is helping educate our customers as to the genuine value behind one of our inexpensive banner advertisements, and helping them make the right decision in the purchase of a banner advertisement.

Content- Our Content Team is focused primarily on expanding the presence of AllAcres.com, online. From follow up phone calls to land brokers, realtors, and private owners with the purpose of educating them as to the benefit of being on AllAcres.com, to the Public Relations Effort on Social Media, Radio, and other contemporary mediums, our content team is here to ensure that AllAcres will continually have a presence which is constantly in a progressive, upward movement.

Leadership- Whereas other companies have specialized leadership per department, i.e. “Sales Management”, “IT Management”, etc. our leadership has very grassroots daily objectives, ranging from a collaborative effort in the development of new promotions or the direct management of existing projects to the continued development of our Content and Presence Teams.

Presence- It goes without saying that any modern business has to have an online presence, or they risk being swallowed by media giants! AllAcres.com believes that having an online presence is SO IMPORTANT that we literally dedicate an entire portion of our staff to Search Engine Optimization, exclusively.  Our Presence Team frequently pairs with our Content Team, and through means of advocacy blogs, social media updates, free ebooks, whitepapers and other contemporary technologies, AllAcres.com is able to stand shoulder to shoulder with other Real Estate giants, spending a mere percentage of their budget. This is one more way we pass the savings onto you!


A sample of a blog from AllAcres.com

Client List:

“A boat doesn’t go forward if each one is rowing their own way.”- Swahili Proverb

A brief sampling of some of our clients will show you that we only advertise with businesses that could benefit from being seen by landowners, land agents, and land brokers. How could your business benefit from this market?

Interested in purchasing a banner advertisement? You’re not alone!  Reserve your spot!


“In teamwork, silence isn’t golden, it’s deadly.”- Mark Sanborn

For General Inquiries:


Phone: 855- ACRES411

For Banner Advertising,  Property Of The Week, Or Employment:


Phone: (623)806-1210

For Content And Presence:


For Additional Information:


Social Media:


Twitter: www.twitter.com/allacres

You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRNPQE0Ju0HbwMZpTBSg21A/videos

Linked In: http://lnkd.in/5eUg-U

Google +: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/101236809699106051295/101236809699106051295/posts/p/pub

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the costs associated with Banner Advertising on AllAcres.com?

There are two very simple packages to place a banner advertisement on AllAcres.com. First, we offer the base package, which is a full year of banner advertising, in your particular region for a low one-time payment of only $150. The second package we offer, is a month to month recurring billing for only $25, per month, no commitment, and cancel anytime.  Either way, the prices are extremely reasonable, and come chock full of advertising power!

How is AllAcres.com able to offer these services so inexpensively?

The business structure we have at AllAcres.com, is very simple. The size of the company we have is very small, so we are able to operate without a large overhead investment. The way we are able to keep our individual teams small, and still have a strong daily production, is because each of our teams within the company are very specialized, and focus on one or two “aspects” of day to day operations. See our Components page for more information about how and what each of our specialized teams does. These variables help keep job definitions clear, and transparent, which translates into a more fluid operation, which in turn allows us to offer a great product at an inexpensive price! No gimmicks. No heartburn.

What is the likelihood my Banner Advertisement will be seen by someone who would use my services?

Very good! In fact, our Banner Advertisement Program has two variables that really distinguish us from other web sites:

1-       Our Banner Ads are regionally exclusive, meaning that you pay for the area you would like to advertise in. This information is entered on the checkout page under “county.” It simply wouldn’t make sense for a local Septic Installer from Florida to advertise his/her services in Pinal County, Arizona.

2-       Secondly, we only offer a limited number of Banner Advertisements per region, so the chance for your Banner Ad to be seen is much greater than on other web sites that will accept more ads per region, or simply put all ads into one large “pool” to pull from.

What types of businesses should advertise on AllAcres.com?

Any business that can benefit from being in front of land owners, land agents, land brokers, etc. Essentially, if your business can benefit from the Real Estate Industry, you NEED to advertise on AllAcres.com! The types of businesses we recommend are:

Contractors: Septic, Plumbing, Electric, Dirt Movers, Builders, Construction, Landscaping, Well Drilling, Pool, Fencing, Pest Control/Extermination, Air Conditioning, Pool Cleaning 

Service: Engineers, Architects, Fire-Sprinkler, Foundation, Surveyors, Tax Accountants, Estate Planners, Title Companies, 1031 Companies, Foreclosures Services, Account Servicing, Note Buying

                                    Monetary: Hard money, Banks, Private lenders, Investors, Gold,

                                    Insurance: Flood, Auto, Homeowners, etc.

                                    Real Estate: Agents, Firms, Brokers, Teams, Specialists, 

Specialists: Material Delivery, Hauling, Trucking, Pre-fab Home Builders, Modular Home builders, Green Building, Solar, Sustainability, Gardening, Containers, Vacation/Travel Companies, etc.

If I don’t have a Banner Advertisement, can I still enroll for a subscription?

Yes! In fact we have an in-house designer who will be able to design a proof of your Banner Ad within 24 hours of receipt of payment. This service, which is actually included with the purchase of an annual subscription on AllAcres.com would typically cost a business a minimum of $95 per hour (Graphic Design Fee) if they were to have someone else design it for them. Because we offer this service free, with an annual subscription, we consider it one of our stronger benefits to our valued customers!

Can I purchase an annual subscription on my own, or do I have to speak with an AllAcres Representative?

Purchasing an annual subscription on AllAcres.com is simple, and you do not have to activate your subscription with a Representative. Simply Log on to www.AllAcres.com and click on the large red and yellow “Banner Advertisement” Button at the top of the screen, then follow these steps:

1-       Fill out the short form of your business’ contact/billing information

2-       Click the “Upload” Button, and select the banner advertisement graphic from your computer that you would like to use

3-       Check the “I agree that my card will be charged…” box

4-       Select the State And County/Region You would like to advertise in

5-       Hit the “Send Email” Button at the bottom of the short form after all information is entered

6-       Enter your credit or debit card payment information (your billing address should automatically import from the prior page) including the: Number, Expiration, and CVV Code (last 3 digits on the back of the card).

7-       Hit the Pay Now Button

That’s it! You should expect to see your Banner Advertisement in rotation within 24 hours of receipt of payment!

For more answers to common questions, visit us at www.AllAcres.com/faq.php or write to us at xEF@\}$6RfN+vSB&1C80]#[\111=auQjS7HZF~w=}'x