Last month seemed to be a relatively slow month in regard to the retail buying market, when looking through the lens of land sales in Arizona. With that having been said, Goodyear, Arizona land for sale seems to be in contention for the blue ribbon in the land sales price per acre race!

Last month, the average size of lots that were sold ranged from .33 acres, to 1.07 acres. That’s an average acreage size of only .806! This fact, coupled with the idea that the average sales price was $94,333.00 posits that the Goodyear, Arizona coup d’etat, was indeed successful!

The other snippet of good news, is the idea that there are only 2 pending or ‘under contract’ listings, while there is still a voluminous 64 Goodyear, Arizona land and lot listings available!

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As was mentioned in our previous City-Stats Series, Land In Cave Creek, Arizonabrings together the allure of upscale and western living. It’s true that upon passing through Cave Creek, one can see many privately owned shops with western themes, large “saloons” that offer bull-riding, etc; but one of the main reasons that investors and private buyers love Cave Creek, Arizona is the idea that the hybrid feel of the “upscale cowboy” reflects in the land values and land prices there.

Last month, 6 parcels of land for sale closed (in varied sizes), but the common theme between each of them was the fact that their price at closing was anywhere from $58,000 to $680,000! As in many other land transactions there are, of course, many variables involved, but the true testament about Cave Creek, Arizona land for sale is that the price point is always going to be something impressive!

The great news, is that there are currently still 150 active listings available in Cave Creek, with only 10 under contract or “pending.” Conclusively, if looking into an upscale area that is dominated by convenience and luxury, but at the same time offers a historic western feel is your cup of whiskey;  by Job, land and lots in Cave, Arizona might just be the place for you to start!

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No Ron, Diversity is actually the name of the game in regard to land for sale in New River, Arizona. In fact, there are currently still 62 active listings available for sale. The best part about it, is that the acreage sizes range anywhere from .83 acres, all the way to a whopping 160 acres!  Last month (June-2013) only two listings closed, and only 7 are still pending or considered to be “under contract.” Not only do the land listings vary in size, making the selection to choose from palatable for a green dream home-builder, or a seasoned commercial investor, but over half of the current land prices in New River, Arizona are still in the double digit range! That opens up a whole new vestibule of opportunities.

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If you are considering buying land for investments, or even buying land to build your own home…you might consider land for sale in Peoria, Arizona as a spot to take a strong look! We know, of course, that Peoria, Arizona is adjacent to one of Arizona’s biggest recreational sites, Lake Pleasant, but it is also home to Peoria Sports Complex, and the 83rd Avenue Stretch that offers many different styles of restaraunts and bars! There is one major, defining reason, however that building in Peoria, Arizona at the moment makes a ton of sense!

County. The word is common verbiage when it comes to creating boundaries in states, however…when used in the context of real estate, “county” or “county island” takes on a whole new meaning! As an example, if one were to build a custom home, on land they purchased in Surprise, Arizona, one might be subject to various impact fees, and city building code designations. Now, it’s not to say that every county is the same, but often times, buying land in “county” as opposed to within “city” can take a lot of red-tape weight off of a landowner’s shoulders!

This is where land values, land prices, and land in general in Peoria, Arizona comes into play! There are currently 101 land listings in Peoria, Arizona. Many of these listings might seem expensive, given their size and location, but one must understand that the prices are relative to other factors, and Peoria happens to be the progenitor OF many of those factors! Ranging from 1/4 acres, up to multiple acres, one can expect to pay anywhere from about 9,000 upwards into the 200-300k range!

So what does county have to do with this? Peoria, Arizona right now currently has a multitude of listings that are listed as “county” although they are adjunct to Peoria city proper, and therefore get the same aesthetic, and relative benefits of any city landowner, but without the hassle of having to deal with additional “city regulations” (assuming that Peoria has additional regulations, as most cities’ do!)

So the moral of the story, is just because a parcel of land for sale, or a lot of land for sale is listed as being within a particular “city boundary”, does NOT necessarily mean that they are bound to the same stringent code as those around them!

You’re welcome.

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When one thinks of impressive values in real estate, it is easy to think of the obvious, larger municipalities as having the more “attractive” draw. It is this irony, among other factors that makes the quaint division of New River, Arizona all the more special. Land values in New River, Arizona are…to say the least….impressive.

New River, named for the seasonal “New River” that is created when the Agua Fria drains into the Salt River boasted impressive statistics prior to the plunge in real estate prices. In fact, New River, Arizona land prices in 2006 were an impressive $137,162 average sold price per acre. It goes without saying, that the smaller municipalities surrounding greater land tracts took a more dramatic hit, but during the past few years, New River, Arizona land prices recovered to $16,754. This might seem dismal, compared to its former glory, but the fact of the matter is that already, in 2013, New River, Arizona land for sale has almost doubled itself and has landed at an impressive $25,389 average land price per acre.

As much of a warm and tingly feeling as this story gives, the true story that lurks in the shadows of New River, is that The Phoenix General Plan includes tracts of land that would compromise a large portion of the New River municipality. From an investor standpoint, New River might be the place to be. From a long time residential standpoint, nothing could be more upsetting.

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