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New Website Functions


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Hello, and welcome back to all of our seasoned users! And hello and welcome to our new users. We are very excited to have all of you!
As you have noticed, a lot has changed around these parts. From graphics to programming, everything from top to bottom on the new has been overhauled. Since everything looks different to our seasoned users, and everything (obviously) would look new to our new users, we thought it prudent to point out a list of the new functions and a brief summary of what they are. We will break down everything in the How-To on Forum in the coming days. So...Here goes!

1- My Profile: Where on Earth did this come from? We took a look at some of the larger sites, and discovered where they might have....not quite the idea they were going for. That said, we created a single spot where our users can upload their listings, post photographs, keep their contacts all organized in one simple to use website, and most important, keep their contacts up to date as to what they are doing! Land Agents, this is beyond important for you! Now, you can invite all of your contacts to connect with you, using our simple "connect with contacts" feature, and keep them up to date on your listings, AND your life! isn't just about work, it's also about being able to show your loved ones just exactly what it is that you do every day, all day, 24/ get it.

2- Directory:Yes indeed! It's in the name! wants to include all there is about acreage! That include all of the industry professionals that we work with on a day to day basis! In fact, land industry professionals (i.e. surveyors, contractors, landscapers, well/water drillers, exterminators, builders, title co.'s, etc.) are near as important to the land industry, AS the industry itself! So this is your chance to connect all of your important industry related contacts, and keep them centrally located in one simple utility! Invite them using the "connect with contacts" function located on your profile (after you register and create one of course).

3- Improved Map and Property Search:We have recently become a publisher for one of the larger MLS Syndications, nationwide! You'll find that we have resources similar to those much more ...contemporary...sites, yet we offer all of our services at the fraction of the cost. Advanced searching capabilities, AND... other property identification items that the other sites don't have. Take a look, and you'll see what I mean!

4- Forums: This is personally, one of my favorite additions. Since we seek to truly be the most comprehensive "total source for land sales" online, it is only fitting that we should have a resource for people who might: A- Be new to the site, or B- New to the world of land sales altogether! Do you have some information, or knowledge that could help someone else navigate the world of land sales? Post it in the Land Forum! Do you have a question about the site that needs answered? Post it in the How-To Forum, and we will answer your question publically! That way, others can use the information to benefit them, and help them along their path to success!

5-Advertising Options: We have a whole new suite of inexpensive advertising options. Having worked within the world of Real Estate for many years now, we know how expensive advertising online can be! That's why we keep our overhead low, subsequently passing the savings onto you! The best part about the advertising options, however, is that they have a limited exclusivity to them. What that means is, there are only a certain number available for each item. That means, your money goes further! Other sites might sell their products in endless supply, which dilutes your overall impact in the online marketplace! Keep this in mind when you look at our sales items. We also offer some featured items, for not very much money at all, that other sites don't dare go near. We are brave like that, and we want you to have the exposure you need to be successful! Take a look here, and you'll see what I mean!

More to come, so stay tuned! Have any questions? Don't be shy!

Posted on July 11, 2014 at 7:22 PM

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Re: New Website Functions

Hi Jeff,
There are a number of later posts(including mine from 6/28/2015) regarding problems uploading photos. However, I see no responses. Has anyone got their ears on at Allacres who can help us by resolving this important issue?? Thx, John

Posted on June 29, 2015 at 3:47 PM