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Welcome To The New!


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You'll notice that a few things have changed around here! We have spent months in development finding the best ways to help you, our All Acres community, have the best experience available online! While the looks have changed, the most important parts lay just beneath the surface. So without further adieu, the 5 biggest changes to!

1- Syndication and Publishing: That's right! We have partnered with some of the same factors that give the corporate sites their seemingly endless supply of listings! What this means for you, the user, is thousands of listings that you can search across the entire United States! What this means for you, the Agent/Broker, is all you need to do is register, and create your profile using your email address that you with your local MLS*, and we will automatically sync your listings to your new profile! It's just that easy!
2- Social Media Spotlight: We know how awesome social media can be! That's why we created this brand new hybrid of land site and social media! You can upload photographs*, build your connections list, and of course, comment on your connections' pages; but most important is the ability to keep all of your most important information in one central location. By creating your profile, you can keep your industry contacts, past and future clients, partners and business associates, heck...even family and friends, all in one location! Not only that, but YOUR properties are listed on YOUR profile, so your clients can keep abreast of what you have going on with your business! Have a new listing you are so excited about? Tell all of your connections about it and show them on your profile! Inviting new connections is super easy too. Try it out by hitting "Connect With Contact" on your new profile!
3- New Purchase Options: We now offer a whole suite of customizable purchase options for you! Have a listing that you know needs national exposure? Put it up on our homepage! Want a competitive edge in your sales zone? Become an A+ Agent! We also offer Boosted Listings, giving you the top spots in area searches, and Statewide Advertising spots as well! The best part is, they are semi-exclusive, meaning our pool is smaller than the other sites, thereby giving you more exposure! For example, there are only 2 A+ Agent spots available per zip code! Not only that, but it is way more affordable than the other sites as well. Don't want a contract? Perfect, neither do we. That's why all of our items are month to month, until you decide you don't want your spot any longer. It's that simple, and super affordable! Why pay more on the other sites for the same, if not better exposure! Take a look here!
4- The Directory: We know that one of the most important proactive things you can do for your business, is to build your industry contacts! Here, we offer a place, not JUST for land agents and brokers, but also land industry related professions. Know a great contractor? Refer them here, and help get them business in their area! Our Directory is searchable, and will help you build industry connections, but will also help your industry connections refer new clients to you! Try it out by inviting your contacts in one easy step! Just register, and go to your profile. You'll see how easy it is to have all of your clients, contacts, and listings in one easy to use location!

5- The Forum: We know that as an industry professional, you are a walking tome of knowledge. One of the things that we found most important when we were redesigning, was to help people that are new to the land industry find answers! This is where you come in! Start a discussion in our land forum and be an advocate for those who might not know as much as you do about a particular subject matter! This of course goes for our industry related professionals as well! Do you know about water wells? Tell everyone! Are you a surveyor, or perhaps an inspector? Help potential clients with tips of the trade! A little shared knowledge goes a long way, and can pay dividends for years to come. Tell us what you know here, in our brand new How-To Forum.

*Different MLS bodies have different rules for syndication. If your local MLS isn't here on the new, write them, and tell them that you want to be on here!
*Any lewd, pornographic, or inappropriate material will be removed by Site Administrators. Listings, Forums, Directory, and Profiles are moderated in a capacity that allows Administrators to protect our community of users. Note: No Administrator will ever ask you for your password.

Posted on June 24, 2014 at 5:54 PM