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The Director Of Operations for; Jeff holds a Bachelor of History from Arizona State University. Post-Academe, Jeff ventured into Corporate America to ascertain a better understanding of business structure, sales best practices, and human resources. During that time, Jeff purchased his first 5 acre parcel of land with the intention of building a custom home, only to find a series of roadblocks, red tape, and false promises. With a new found passion for Real Estate, and in particular, the land sales industry, Jeff used his skills acquired during his training as a historian to research and learn the world of Real Estate.. not to obtain an Agency, but to help found a website where other land-buyers could find answers, and advocacy about the niche world of land sales, while at the same time creating a platform to unite those in it, "under a single roof." differs from RESAAS, Zillow, LandWatch, Etc., as it is a niche concept, yet is broad enough to welcome anyone who is interested in land sales, or knows someone who is. The real treat, however, is to realize that if one chooses to purchase from, they will have access to the same quality products that these other sites offer, yet at a price that will impress! Yet it would be dishonest to not give a nod to these sites as the progenitors of this concept. Yet just as every teacher must pass the baton of knowledge to their students, so now the time is nigh to move unto the next generation of niche websites, and hitherto, shall become the total source for land sales, for every land buyer, seller, owner, agent, and broker. The perfect combination of social media, and real estate, All Acres is built to impress, and save you money. Glad to have you!





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Thanks for the info Jeff!
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